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So I’ve always been a fan of cleaning out your body every once and a while.  There are so many signs that your body needs to be cleansed.  If you are tired, and feel sluggish, maybe you have headaches and just feel uncomfortable, a cleanse is a perfect way to refresh your body. That’s why when I heard of the 3 Day Refresh, I was so excited I had to try it for myself. So let’s get into the 3 Day Refresh Review.

A cleanse is designed to rid your body of toxins that build up over time. I know that I’m not perfect in my diet so I try to do a cleanse once every three months. So I was super pumped when beachbody released this cleanse at coach summit.  This cleanse is designed to help you lose between 3-5 lbs in 3 days, and most people who are doing this lost 4-8 lbs! In three days? That’s crazy talk!  You will also lose at least 1-2 inches on your waist… and who doesn’t want that!

How Can I get the 3 Day Refresh?

It’s super easy to get it, but the secret to success is to have someone who is with you every step of the way. Fill in the form to get the BEST results from your three day refresh! I’ve helped hundreds of people get amazing results, why not you!

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What is the 3 day refresh?

In just three  days, Beachbody’s 3-Day Refresh is designed to clean your body quickly while keeping you full!  Unlike other “cleanses” you may have tried, 3 Day Refresh was created to make your body full, and give you amazing energy so that you can easily go about your day, and even get your workouts in! I’ll admit it, I find cleanses hard because they tell me not to work out.  And I’ve worked really hard to make workout part of my daily routine so I was so pumped that you can actually still work out while cleansing your body!

With three day refresh, you can expect to see a flatter stomach, reduce your cravings for carbs, sugars, chocolates, and I promise you your clothes will fit better.  If you are heading on vacation or have an event like a wedding or a beach date you will definitely want to do this before you go!

What does the 3 day refresh include?

You get 3 packages of Shakeology (for breakfast)

Shakeology will be your daily source of dense nutrition. Packed with supergreens and superfruits, Shakeology will make you feel amazing right when you wake up! Many of your bodies vital organs have been deprived of key vitamins, amino acids, pro and pre biotics for years. You will be amazed with the energy you get from fueling your body with Shakeology.  By drinking this every morning it will restore your body quickly to it’s natural state.

Vanilla Fresh Shakes for Lunch and Dinner (6 Packets)

The Vanilla Fresh Protein shake included in the three day refresh contains 20 grams of plant based protein. But it also has 22 essential vitamins, minerals, and more. These shakes will curb your appetite further and ensure you get all the muscle building protein you need, which is key so that your body does not think it’s starving.

Daily Fiber Sweep (3 Packets)

Over the years a lot of junk gets deposited in our bodies, especially in our colon and while this is not a specific colon cleanse, it will help you get rid of the junk in your trunk.  The 3 Day Refresh Fiber Sweep uses a combination of whole ground flax, chia, and psyllium seed husks to gently clean your stomach, restoring it to it’s natural state.

30 Day Supply of Shakeology

All you have to do is pick the flavour of Shakeology that you want. Shakeology is now clinically proven to help you lose weight!  It will ensure you keep the weight off, and it will keep your body fueled with the prefect balance of dense nutition.

3-Day Refresh Results

I’m SOOO excited I lost 9.4lbs! Most people have lost between 4-8lbs!!! Check out my video below! If you want to join me on this journey, add me as your FREE team beachbody coach!

I’m In, Let Me Try 3 Day Refresh with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are ready to try the 3 Day Refresh, you can get it at the special discount price of $140, which is basically $10 more than just ordering Shakeology alone. Massive discount. It will sell out so if you want to try it, make sure you order quickly.

Order Three Day Refresh Plus The 30 Day Supply Of Shakeology Here

3 Day Refresh Meal Plan

What do you get to eat while on this cleanse? Fresh REAL food. Lots of produce options, and right now with it being peak season for fresh fruit and veggies there is no better time to eat REAL food! This is clean eating made simple. For more information on the meal plan read my article 3-Day Refresh Meal Plan.


3 Day Refresh FAQ’s

Is the refresh Gluten free? Is it vegetarian? Can nursing moms do the 3 day refresh? Can Diabetic’s do the three day refresh? Find out by seeing all of your answers to these questions in my 3 Day Refresh FAQ article!