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Real Tech Mom meets NY Times!

Well my 15 minutes of fame is up I suspect. Yes, I think this little article will be my shot at "fame." One of the first blog postings I put up on this wonderful blog of mine was dedicated to an awesome site called TotSpot.  Seeing as how I was one of the 1000's of subscribers to join TotSpot, the NY Times journalist CAMILLE SWEENEY and I had a 20 minute chat about my experiences with TotSpot and social networking for babies

For the 20' minutes we spoke about my experiences about motherhood and using the Internet to connect with other moms and other family members out of province. We spoke about what I had hoped to get out of TotSpot and I had mentioned to her that it will be neat for him to see this virtual timeline along with pictures and journal entries versus a regular baby book that my not include pictures of him at 3 weeks, 6 weeks and older.  She also posed the question, "was this his first introduction to the online world?" And yeah, this is like us making a mark for him on the Internet, I had never considered that before.

Many thanks go out to Michael Broukhim, the creator of TotSpot. He's been an wonderful person to have come in contact with. When I had an issue with TotSpot, not only did he contact me personally, he solved my problem amazingly fast. In fact his whole team are very friendly and are  more than willing to help.

Interestingly enough the article lists our location as Winnipeg, Ontario and we live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  But my son's name is in the NY Times, how cool is that???  He's also not quite 7 months old, but closer to 6 months, but who's counting? Oh and my husband who was reading over the article noticed she listed me as Ms. Carrasco instead of Mrs. Carrasco, So I guess I'm single for eternity in the eyes of the Times LOL

But none of this would have been possible without the power of Twitter, seriously twitter rocks!!! If not for Twitter my husband would have never seen a tweet from Michael in regards to the NY Times article! Woo hoo for Twitter!

But my Son's name is in the NY Times, how cool is that-oops! did I say that already???

Check out my TotSpot article: 

Check out TotSpot's site: 



P.S.-I got a little hyperlink happy in this one LOL


Blast from the past: Give up breast feeding?

Here is a posting (from from when Dominic was 6 weeks old, so for all of you parents who think, Oh MY GOD I can't do this anymore,  I promise you, you can. I'm proud to say that I'm still breastfeeding 6 months later:


I think I've reached my breaking point.  I have been EBF since the beginning and I realize that he's just never going to sleep longer then 3 hours tops.. right now it's 1.5 hrs and max 2 but he's super fussy while he sleeps..I know this is his growth spurt but i can't take it anymore.


I went and bought formula but I can't bare to give it to him. (for all you mom's who are giving formula I'm not saying it's bad at all. Most of you are doing it for some reason or another that has to do with what's best for your child) I'm thinking of giving up BF'ing because it may be what's best for me.


This past week has been really tough with Dom still being sick (still no fever, no cough and his mucous is still clear/white) He was doing so well in his crib but now won't go in it longer then 10 mins.. I understand it's cause he's sick and wants to be close to mom but I'm going to lose it.


Today was esp tough as he was waking every 45 mins and it was taking me an hour and a bit to get him to sleep only to have him wake up and feed again for another 30-40 mins (usually 10-20 mins does it) so i started to question my milk supply.. got DH to buy Fenugreek and blessed thistle.. took some tonight to see if it will up my milk supply.


But my reason for giving it up or atleast supplementing with formula is purely selfish.. I can't do this 1.5 hrs anymore... I'm sooo tired.. I'm over tired and he's so darn fussy when he sleeps that even if he's in bed I don't really sleep.  SO i bought some cans of Enfamil... I wanted to get the gentle ease but they only have a big can and it was 30$ so I decided to wait to see if he'll even like it.


Someone once said that if you can make it 6 weeks bf'ing you can do it.. We'll he's 6 weeks today and today has been one of my worst days. I"m so flipping tired i don't even want to go to bed, because what's the flipping point he'll wake up as soon as i put my head down. I'm so sick of him sleeping on me or beside me and still fussing.. I JUST WANT SOME SLEEP. I just don’t think i can do this for much longer. I makes me resent him and i hate that because i know he's just hungry. He won't take the soother because he's stuffed. so he just wants to suck on me and i'm tired of it.



The bottom line

Well ladies, I'm very happy to report that i never gave up breastfeeding, because as they start to sleep longer it was easier for me to offer the breast. It took until he was three months old for him to sleep longer then 3 hours at at time. I promise you that every mom feels lost at one point. This post received so much support from the women on the message boards that i actually cried when i read it. The first 6 weeks are the hardest but the first three months aren't easy either. After three months it got A LOT easier..

Some words of encouragement, not everyone breastfeeds. There are women out there who are fabulous mommies who for some reason or another could not breastfeed, please take that into consideration.

My husband was reading this post saying "oh I remember that," I said "oh do you?!" and he realized that as bad as it was for him it was worse for us.

If you can breastfeed and are managing to produce enough milk, know that I'm right there with you, frustrated with the latch, the no sleep and the constant feeding, it WILL get better.

If anyone needs support or has questions please email me at

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Top Pregnancy Books: What to read before baby comes

  Now there is a lot of information out there these days, and of course everyone and their dog has and opinion, yours truly included, but here are some of my picks. Now I am posting this post with a side of caution. Books are wonderful tools to educate and inform you on topic's you don't necessarily know much about. They allow us to gain some type of knowledge about things we may have not ever heard about. They also educate you on things you may not want to know. They may educate you so well that you now fear everything you read, because of course my baby might "have that." And then all the what if's come into play. If you find yourself getting to that point with all the book reading and Internet browsing all you newly pregnant people are doing... I urge you to stop--at least for a little while. Along with everything else on this blog, the following are books that either I have read or friends of mine have recommended. Some hated a certain book while others LOVED it. To each their own. Now that I've put my little disclaimer of caution up, let's begin:  

1)  Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy

imageI think that everyone should read this book. This book is not going to educate you on specific medical terms or tell you what size your baby is at a certain point. What this book does do is allow new moms to laugh at all the crazy changes that happen to your body during pregnancy. She is a no nonsense type of person that tells it like it is. She does warn you that some of what she writes about will make you laugh, and some will scare the crap out of you.  But basically I love this book because it addressed a lot of things not even touched upon in regular "medical" baby books, especially the stuff most people are embarrassed to ask about! I read it in a day, and laughed my ass off.

2) Your Pregnancy Week by Week By Glade B. Curtis, Judith Schuler

image While I was in Chapters one fine afternoon, I was so confused as to which book to get to educate myself on what was going on with my body. I went into the baby section and let me tell you--there was no shortages of books on being pregnant. I had no idea what was the best book and I couldn't justify spending hundreds of dollars on pregnancy books and I actually made myself put a few back. I kept this one because it goes through each week of your pregnancy and shows you a picture of how big your baby is, what is developing and how your body is changing.  I liked knowing when my baby was the size of a plum, I tried not to skip ahead to each week so that I had something to look forward to each new week, but none the less I did anyway's.

3)  Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide By Penny Simkin, Janet Whalley, and Ann Keppler

imageThis book was recommended to me by my Doula. It is one of the books that she had to read while she was training to become a Doula. What I liked about this book was that it went really in depth. So if you are the type of person who is looking for medical terminology and specifics on certain disorders then this is the holy grail for you!  I think it's a fabulous resource because not only does it go through pregnancy, it also goes through labour and caring for your newborn!  

4) The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg and Melinda Blau

image I'm sure there are a few mom's out there who will shake their head at me and call me crazy for putting this book on this list, but for all of those who would be shaking their heads, there are an equal amount of your who are saying " I love this book." This book is all about routine, and as Tracy put's it, not a schedule, a routine. If you take anything away from this book it should be the E.A.S.Y routine she set's up.  It is anything but easy! I read this book and thought:  Ok, now I'm prepared, I'll just put my little one on this system right away and I'll be set.Sure that would have worked better if my little one actually did what she said he was going to do if I fed him enough during the day, but he did not. He still got up to nurse every 1.5-2 hours at night, not matter how much he was eating, and yes I did do a yield, there was nothing wrong with my supply, heck I would get 6 oz in one pumping session. But I do agree with this routine thing, She also has tips on starting solids as well, I'm just reading that part now because I didn't want to cloud the brain with information I was likely to forget by the time my son was ready for Solids. I will be posting a more in depth review of E.A.S.Y in the days to come so please check back!

5) From the Hips: A Comprehensive, Open-Minded, Uncensored, Totally Honest Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, and Becoming a Parent By Rebecca Odes, and Ceridwen Morris

image This book was great for two reasons, it went through all topics from both perspectives. For example, in a nonjudgmental way, it went through breastfeeding in depth and formula feeding indepth. It also had real parent comment that didn't paint everything through rose coloured glasses, which is nice to hear because sometimes you think you are all alone in some thoughts you have.  

The Ugly:

The following books are going to be placed on the Ugly list. That means that the majority of people that I talked to about these books absolutely hated them.
1) Babywise
Reason it's disliked: To strict on the routine, made many parents uncomfortable with methods that were described. One mom felt so strong that she thinks the book "should be burned." (Sonya)
2)What to Expect when you're Expecting
Reason it's disliked: this book is "overly strict" and very "old fashioned" according to Kelly Campbell. It also focuses on everything that could go wrong at every stage of your pregnancy. Bottom line, there are better books that cover the other half of pregnancy as well.
3)Healthy Sleep Habits, happy child by Marc Weissbluth
"some of the info on sleep is useful, but the author's style is terrible, disorganized and he's been known to cause anxiety attacks in a few mothers (including me) because he makes you believe that if you screw up teaching your child to sleep, they are going to be scarred for life! he has all these strict rules about sleep and all these crazy warnings about what not to do, his approach is way too systematic and babies are not robots, I'm sorry" (Daniela)

The Mentionable:

The following is a short list of books that many women felt deserved to be on this list so here they are:
1)I'm Pregnant (Canadian Edition)By Lesley Regan
Recommended by Andrea
Here's why:
  1. The pictures are AMAZING, especially in the early going when the whole pregnancy seems unreal.  You know you are pregnant and yet you don't look it or feel it (other than being tired I didn't have any other symptoms). So the pictures made it seem more real and I felt like I had a window into what was going on inside me.   2. It doesn't just say "this may happen to you" or "you may experience this", it explains WHY our bodies do what they do, respond how the do.  I always want to know why something happens or how something happens.   3. The descriptions of what is developing when and how are great.  It's not exactly week - by - week, it's more like a few weeks at a time, but the information is fantastic.   4. They cover every topic I was even slightly curious about, with good, clear information.
2)"Your Baby & Child" by Penelope Leach
Recommended by Kelly Campbell
Here's Why:
It's a really great book. She's a children's rights advocate and the book is big on being sensitive to the child's needs, thinking about things from their perspective, etc. It's kind of attachment parenting, but unlike the Sears books, it doesn't make you feel guilty for not co-sleeping or wearing your baby all the time. It's a very balanced approach with lots of practical daily care info as well. However, it's written in a very narrative style, so if you're not a big reader it might be a little annoying/daunting to get through it and find the information you need.
3)The Baby Book by Dr. Sears
Recommended by Daniela
definitely the best book I bought on pregnancy, breastfeeding and baby care; his style is very sensible and definitely not preachy like the baby whisperer and healthy sleep habits
4)Happiest Baby on the block by Dr. Harvey Karp
The happiest baby on the block is also in book form, and if you want an indepth view into the reason behind the magic, it's worth a read, but the DVD shows you so much more!

The Bottom Line

What to remember is that no matter how many books you read, you--the mother/parent know best. Every baby is different, and just because your baby does not do what the book says baby will do, DOES NOT mean that you are a bad mother. It does not mean you are failing and it does not mean that your baby will not do these things on their own or a little later on. There are so many books out there, that you can get information over load. If you feel overwhelmed put the books down. My best piece of advice is to take the books as a suggestion and not as the manual to raise your child by. Each book may have a little something you can take from it, so I encourage you to take from it what you can and discard the rest. Not everything will apply to your baby. My sister could not believe how many books I wanted to read, she said she couldn't be bothered to read them, for her instincts kicked in and she assured me they would kick in for me too, but I was too afraid not to read everything under the sun. Some books made me feel very prepared before I had my son, and then when he was born, I followed some books to a tee and he wasn't "performing" like I had expected him to, which stressed the crap out of me. I finally had to just let it go, my son does not like to conform, end of story. It doesn't mean that I didn't try long enough or hard enough, he just wanted to do what he wanted. And while he is a very routine oriented baby, it was VERY hard to teach him certain things. One more thing, books can make it sound easy. They may simply put the theory as a matter of fact statement and that might make you think, "oh, all I have to do is ________," well doing _______ might take nights of sleeplessness and days of crankiness, not everything happens overnight. The best thing I can say to you parents to be is, take it easy on yourselves, this journey is not easy, and no one is perfect--no matter how many books you read. As my husband puts it, nothing that is easy is worth it. The challenges that are before you will truly alter your lives forever, but in the end it's all worth it. Keep in mind, you may not feel that way right after birth, but trust me, the feeling will come!

Changing my blog design

Hello Avid readers! my site has undergone some surface restructuring, please bear with me as I try to update older postings to fit this new design!

New Mom Top 10 Lists

10 Things not to say to a new mom: Part 2

So the list continues with many more things that erk new moms. Please keep in mind, that we know you are trying to instill words of wisdom on us, but as tired as we are, we don't need the extra "help." Keep in mind these are real statements from real mom's.. including their comments! **please note that children's names have been omitted and replaced with X, for privacy sake** Many thanks to the moms on BBC! 11. "awww...another boy the next one will be a girl", please I could have 8 boys and people will still say the next one will be a girl what do I look like a baby making factory I'm done and happy with 3 beautiful healthy boys we are so blessed 12 "It's a baaaabbbby" No, it's a giraffe. 13. "Someone's sucking her fingers - she MUST be hungry." - Shut up you moron I just fed her like 1/2 hour ago. I think I, being her mother, would know when she is hungry thank you very much. 14. "Does he sleep through the night yet" - I got people asking this when he was a week old!! No he doesn't sleep through the night, he's a week old! 15. "She's too cold/hot" - I've been dressing her for a while now I know when she's comfortable. 16. "He must be gassy" or "Does he need to burp?" - This happens when he's fussy in public. Ugh, my baby is tired or overstimulated and needs to sleep, sitting him up or patting him on the back repeatedly will not help! 17. "He looks just like (insert husbands name here)" after hearing this constantly with (first DD) drives me crazy...DS and DD look nothing alike, how can they both look like DH...isn't there some of me in there somewhere???? LOL 18. "Ohhh, he's still not pooping??? Maybe you should take him to the doctor" Nooooo, really?? Why didn't I think of that before? WTF is wrong with people??? I've already taken him to 4 different doctors!!!! 19. "Oh you think ______ is hard/bad/difficult now... wait until she's_____ old! ( or is sick or  is going through what my kid is going through") I have one in law who does this ALL the time. Every time she asks how its going and  I say great, ok or that I am tired. she makes the comment that's the same as, "You think you have it rough, you should see my baby/teenager etc!" Ugh.  Give ME A BREAK! 20. " Oh, she's so cute, I don't mean to offend you, but I always wanted (or asked my parents) to adopt an Asian baby" - If you think it will likely offend an Asian lady, don't say it!

The Bottom Line

Unless you have something supportive to say, don't say it! We are tired enough and stressed enough as it is, we appreciate that you may have done this child raising thing 2,10,20, 50 years ago, but let us figure it out ok?--WOW I don't sound bitter at all hey?
Advice New Mom Top 10 Lists

10 things NOT to say to a new mom: Part 1

angry Since becoming a new mom, and having friends who have become moms, there are some things you just should not say to a mom (new or 3rd time around). Here are a few of the top offenders that really grit our teeth when you say them.. you know who you are *gives you the evil eye* now knock it off! Keep in mind these are real statements from real mom's.. including their comments! My personal favourite is number 5. Babies cry, they fuss, it doesn't always have to do with what mommy ate. **please note that children's names have been omitted and replaced with X, for privacy sake** Many thanks to the moms on BBC!  

The Top 10 offenders!

1. "Your baby is still fresh"... I didn't know kids could be fresh? 2. "Is it a boy or a girl"... Would a girl be dressed fully in blue? 3. "Enjoy her now because wait until she's a teenager"... (I hate, hate, hate this expression!!!) 4. "Where does he get his length from" - (in context, it is when my husband and I are both with him)...want to say "my husbands business partner" 5.Oh he's fussy, what did mommy eat today--- it couldn't be that he doesn't like the way you're holding him, you smell funny, he's sleepy or hungry. 6. "She's so little" Try lugging 15.5 lbs of baby plus a car seat.... She's not little. 7. Wow three boys???!!! I guess you weren't fortunate enough to get a girl!!!!!! (I really hate that.) People look at me with sympathy when they should be happy that I have 3 VERY healthy kids. 8. WOW he's a big baby for his age, he must get that from your side......(I'm a plus size THAT comment annoys me and surprisingly enough I hear it quite often from complete strangers!!!) 9. "You have a boy and a girl, you don't need anymore"....isn't that for me to decide?!?! But do you know what I hate more than what people's when everyone feels the need to touch **X** ......he's not part of a petting zoo!!!! 10. "He is such a good baby...always so happy, I never see him cry"...that is because you see him for maybe an hour at a time...Trust me he cries!!!!! I also hate when people feel the need to touch **X** ...especially when I don't know them!!!!

The bottom line

You know what the worst thing is, no one really knows that they are saying these things to offend new moms. I mean, when I was a non mom, I said a few of these things...   One of the worst offenders is when they see baby sucking on things, that baby must be hungry.. babies have something called a sucking reflex, if you put something in their mouth or near it, they'll suck.. it doesn't necessarily mean they're hungry especially if I just fed them! It's like if I hit your knee where you have a kick reflex and I hit that spot over and over again, and kept telling you, you must really want to play soccer because you're good at kicking ....