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November 17, 2009

My appologies to the Emo and/or Cutter World

Let me keep you up to date as to why i’m writing this.

Almost one year ago I wrote a post questioning what on earth Emo’s and Cutter’s were and I’ve been enlightened, OVER and OVER again.  For some reason my mommy blog has been bombarded by people (each in their own way) telling me the difference between the two. I get it.

Now I understand teenage years are full of angst but suicidebaby69 and hardcoreemo stop trying to comment on how your definition is right.  I’ve approved most of the comments and deleted the plain dumb ones. Your voice has been heard.

I’m not deminishing the pain and angst young people today feel, nor am i condoning cutting yourself. If you feel compelled to cut yourself to feel better, GET HELP.  There is always a better way to deal with your pain.

In saying that, I will NO longer be accepting comments on the previous blog post. Create a blog dedicated to cutting or emo lifestyle if you want your voice heard.

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