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April 14, 2017
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Beachbody Is Going INTERNATIONAL!

Eeek! I’m super excited to share with you that THIS year, you no longer will need to live in Canada or the US to be a apart of the coaching opportunity!

When I first fell in love with this business, it wasn’t a business for me, it was about having some ME time. After having 3 kids, and trying to keep it all together, I realized I had fallen into a rut of exhaustion and binge watching tv.  So like I said, I didn’t even REALIZE it was a business and I only started to workout-because I wanted to get my Pre baby body back. After having 3 kids… I just wanted to not have a spare tire hovering around my midsection.

Over the last 3 years I’ve been able to help other women build incredible businesses WHILE they got to stay at home with their kids and add income to their families! Many have retired from their day jobs, a couple were able to buy additional rental properties, but what I hear most of all (and most importantly) by putting their health and fitness first again, they found themselves. They started to be happier, their marriages improved, and they found confidence in themselves they never knew existed. THIS is why I am a coach. To help other women believe in themselves, find their inner super hero’s and be WITH their family instead of away.  Was it easy? No! But nothing in this life worth having is!

We’ve been able to do things we never dreamed imaginable!  My husband and I both had Corporate Jobs… He worked for Microsoft and I worked in Human Resources for one of the largest retail stores in Canada called Loblaw. AND we LOVED our jobs! The only thing was…we BOTH travelled-ALL the time. We were like ships passing in the wind. Not only were we rarely home, but we missed out on a lot of our kids firsts. That was the hard part.  And when we started this little fitness thing, we never dreamed it would turn into this!

My proudest moment was when I told my mom (single mom, raised 3 kids, had to declare bankruptcy, and sell everything we owned…) I was taking her to Paris for her 70th birthday… (Feel free to watch this short video-grab your tissues!)

And we had a BLAST! Being able to spoil my mom for 10 days in Europe was a dream come true for me. And it wouldn’t have been possible with out this business we created!  But my goal has shifted… I want to help MORE women do this for their family, I want more women to be confident and not hate walking into their closet. I want women to feel secure when they get their beautiful bodies on the beach! AND I mean EVERY size of body. My goal is not to get you to a size 2. My goal is to help you feel confident in YOUR skin because fitness comes in EVERY size. As a hypothyroid mom, my journey is slow BUT its not so much about what is on the outside… as what’s inside.

If you want more information about when this opportunity comes available in YOUR country please fill this out! I cannot wait to work with you towards YOUR goals!


<3 Erin


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