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I’m a mom to a 3 young kids, two boys and a girl-which keeps me insane busy a lot of the time.

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Besides being a mom, I’m also a Beachbody Coach.

My journey began with beachbody over 10 years ago before I got married. I had gained a lot of weight after moving out and getting engaged. A few months before getting married, I started a program called slim in 6 and lost 25 lbs before getting married this was the beginning of my beachbody love affair, but it’s not just a simple story.

before and after slim in 6

Before Slim in 6  versus After slim in 6

My fitness journey has had ups and downs over the past 15 years-like many women, having children, having a career, having a household and a marriage. It is so easy to lose yourself, when trying to balance it all, have it all, be it all, and do it all. Most of the time… we just don’t make ourselves a priority anymore.  When I first started this journey, I really just wanted to get into shape after having my 3rd baby. And I did!  And just like everyone else life happened! I discovered I had uncontrolled hypothyroidism. So my weight fluctuated, and it was SUPER difficult to lose weight.   I also discovered my body’s hormones were completely out of whack. It wasn’t until I started to do more research into healing our body with food and natural things that I was stagnant in my fitness transformation.

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We’ve had up and downs in our fitness journey BUT the difference was… I was surrounded by amazing women. We accepted where we were at, and decided to keep going.  I call myself an accidental entrepreneur because, I only wanted  to lose weight when I signed up and yet I ended up creating a tribe of amazing women who have created financial stability and gotten in the best shape of their lives. Not only that, but i’ve found some of the most soul quenching friendships I never would have if I hadn’t become a coach.  Because I fell in love with being the best version of myself that I could be, and other women around me wanted to do the same, we created an amazing empire of women empowering women.

This is my latest transformation from earlier this year, and if I can do it? Why can’t you?

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My goal is to help moms to not only just put on their bathing suit but enable to see how uniquely beautiful they truly are. It’s not about being a certain size-it’s about owning who you are, and re-learning that YOU are beautiful. <3

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